Get Motivated to Exercise With Mental Toughness
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 Post subject: Get Motivated to Exercise With Mental Toughness

Post Posted: Fri Jan 02, 2009 2:06 pm 


Get Motivated to Exercise With Mental Toughness
By Bob Lachinet

What gets you motivated to exercise? For some of us, it's fitness and health; for others it may be weight loss goals. This article will provide you with ways to get (and stay) motivated with mental toughness so you can get the best results from your workouts. Whether you're just getting started or looking for next big thing, the following information will be beneficial to you.

Funny thing about your exercise program - the hardest part of it will always end up being the part where you have to make good on it! Making progress in your fitness plan takes two things - a dedication to executing your plan on a regular basis, and pushing yourself to improve on what you've been doing. In other words, Mental Toughness - the drive to go beyond your limits, which often means the ultimate difference between success and failure for your program.

The problem is, although we understand that drives a triathlete has to survive the last mile of an Ironman competition, the question often is: How do I get that drive? Well, let's define mental toughness first. It's simple, really. Its keeping focused on achieving your goal, no matter how difficult. And, the ability to accomplish that differs from person to person, so if you find yourself having difficulty keeping yourself focused on your fitness goal, you're not alone!

What it all comes down to is how you motivate yourself. There are those who need little encouragement to be a self-starter, while the rest of us (actually, the majority of us) that need a little pressure to force us to get motivated. That pressure can be either a desire for success, or a need to avoid failure. Another way of putting this is, you either believe you'll succeed by busting your butt, or you'll do it to avoid being humiliated.

Understanding which type of personality you have is the first step in coming up with the best way to build your motivation. Here's how:

-If you're the "success driven" kind of person, paint yourself a mental picture of what "success" looks like to you. Remind yourself of the great opportunities being fit will bring you, whether its clothes fitting better, more energy, or that flat stomach you've always wanted.

-If you're the "avoid failure" kind of person, talk to yourself! (Actually, you probably shouldn't do that out loud to avoid funny looks from people around you!) Be positive. Remind yourself that you can do this - that the only way you can fail is not to try. And, when you do have the occasional negative thought, push it aside and focus on the positive ones. And, one of the best ways to find that "positive" thought is to write down "why" you want to improve your fitness level, whether it's to run a marathon, loose 10 pounds, or whatever your goal is. Then, repeat that goal to yourself as you train.

Lastly, get uncomfortable! That's right, as funny as that may sound, getting yourself uncomfortable is important - it's how you'll improve! Think about all the times in your life where you were afraid to try something new, but once you did it, it became easier. Yet, had you not tried it, you never would have found that out! The same holds true for fitness. When you exercise, you need to push your body a little farther than the last time, otherwise your body won't adjust and improve. Yes, this sounds corny, not to mention obvious. But if you keep in mind that the momentary discomfort you may feel, is worth it when you've accomplished your goal!

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 Post subject: Get Motivated to Exercise With Mental Toughness

PostPosted: Fri Jan 02, 2009 2:06 pm 

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