Weight Loss Motivation Tips
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 Post subject: Weight Loss Motivation Tips

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I see that most people are here in search for advice and support in their struggle to lose weight, so maybe this is going to help.

1. Take a picture of yourself before you get started or in the first few weeks of your weight loss mission. Keep the picture with you and look at it whenever you are wanting to make a poor decision. When you look at it remind yourself that you do not want to look like that and remind yourself of the goals that you are working towards.

2. Find small healthy ways to reward yourself along the way. When you stick to your goals and make good decisions it is a good idea to reward yourself. Through giving yourself a reward you will motivate yourself to work hard. This step is also important because it helps you celebrate the small accomplishments that you are making. When you are able to celebrate your small victories you will be more likely to be able to keep your weight off long term because you are tying your success to the little positive things that you are doing. This helps to make your goal attainable and possible.

3. Do not weight yourself too often, if you have to, use a Quantum Scale, it does not display a number, simply registers your weight and informs you of your progress. This way you're avoiding feelings of anxiety or frustration when it comes to how much you've lost in a week.

4. Chart your weight loss progress. If seeing the numbers are motivational to you create an excel chart that maps out the progress that you are making. You can set up your excel sheet to track what is important to you. A few examples of things that you could chart in excel would be your weight loss, body measurements, calories eaten each day, amount of time working out each day, etc.

Hope this is helpful!



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 Post subject: Weight Loss Motivation Tips

PostPosted: Mon Jan 02, 2012 11:10 pm 

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