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  2. You will be able to respond to topics and post new ones.
  3. There are less ads showing to registered members.
  4. You can track which messages you have read and have not read.
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  6. You can subscribe to topics to keep an eye out for new posts in topics you are interested in.
  7. You can bookmark your favorite topics.
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  10. You can add friends and foes.
  11. You can join groups, such as our competitions group which will allow you to gain new skills.
  12. You will become part of a growing community of health enthusiats.
  13. You will not only learn from reading posts, but you gain skills trying to help others.
  14. You can get feedback from other members.
  15. Registered members can report questionable posts by clicking a link which helps us remove spam even faster.
  16. The Healthy Pals team members all have useful qualities to help keep this forum running smoothly. You can view our team here: The Team

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